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Hi there,

I'm Chanelle, aka The Tall Girl.  I started this blog back in 2009 as a way to share my favorite recipes with my friends.  Now, almost 300 recipes later, I'm attempting to reach a greater audience in order to spread my love of food (and maybe earn a little cash to pay for ingredients).

In case you were wondering, I am six feet tall.  I currently live in the godforsaken desert of Arizona (can you tell it's not my favorite?) and am married to a cute, tall guy and have one lovely, tall daughter.  They are my new recipe guinea pigs and, bless them, they don't complain.  Much.

I inherited my love of cooking from my father, my preference for speedy meals from my mother, and you can thank my Hawaiian heritage for all the Asian-inspired recipes on this blog.  Some of the recipes are from my own family collection.  Others I've found and adapted from cookbooks or online.  If a recipe is not my own, I'll always link back to the original.  Gotta give credit where credit's due!

I really am a food nerd and always ask for at least one new kitchen gadget for my birthday or Christmas.  I may start adding posts about my favorite "tools of the trade," because y'all need to know!

Please browse around, check out my Recipe Index, and try something new.  If you like what you see, please spread the word and "Like" me on Facebook.

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